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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PCSC2 - Rambulan sa Asya

Philippine Combat Sambo Championships 2 - Rambulan sa Asya
Congratulations to: Badong Valdueza, Ruben Sumido, and Rodel Orais!!!

Teaser Video: Badong Valdueza

Teaser Video: Ruben Sumido

Teaser Video: Rodel Orais

#1 Jayco Madrona (Sprawl MMA) vs. Alvin Clerino (Elorde MMA) -- Madrona via TKO 3rd round
#2 Badong Valdueza (Gymkata PSA) vs. Ronnel Cahapay (JMC MMA) -- Valdueza via TKO 1st round
#3 Dennis Salazar (Gymkata PSA) vs. ? -- Salazar via rear naked choke 2nd round
#4 Wendell Ponferrada (Sprawl MMA) vs. Sunshine Facto (JMC MMA) -- Ponferrada via TKO 1st round
#5 Joey Santos (Gymkata PSA) vs. Gilbert Ombao (Sprawl MMA) -- Ombao via armbar 2nd round
#6 Sulpiano Laurio (Sprawl MMA) vs. Caliwa (Biagtan Martial Arts) -- Laurio via rear naked choke 1st round
#7 Erwin Tagle (Submission Sports) vs. Leo Burgos (Kyokoshin Karate) -- Tagle by head kick KO 1st round
#8 Jessie Salvador (?) vs. Jasor Ablasi (Lakay Wushu) -- Ablasi via TKO 1st round
#9 Ruben Sumido (Submission Sports) vs. Honorio Banario (Lakay Wushu) -- Sumido via KO 1st round
#10 Reysaldo Biagtan (Biagtan Martial Arts) vs. Denver Labador (Lakay Wushu) -- Labador via TKO 1st round
#11 Rodel "Kid" Orais (Gymkata PSA) vs. ?(Strike and Shoot) -- Orais via rear naked choke 1st round
#12 Onyok Transmonte (Submission Sports) vs. Joel Amurao (Lakay Wushu) -- Amurao via armbar 1st round

Watch the fights here:
Badong Valdueza
Ring Side Cam:

Ruben Sumido
Part 1:

Part 2:

Ring Side Cam:


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