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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yaw-Yan Ardigma Fighting Challenge 5 Results

Once again i want to thank everyone who helped make this event a
Success.We had 15 matches and we are downloading the fights on
Google and youtube,i hope they will be finished in the next days

first match was a special match (rematch from Elite Striking
1) Roldan"IRONMAN"Cartajena Yaw-Yan won 2nd rd KO by knee strike
over Artemio Mancol of Kyokushinkai

2)Billy"TIRADOR"Jarcsco Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 2nd rd KO by Knee
Strikes to the head over Michael Monterde of Tat Kon Tou

3)Jordon "LABUYO"Balcita Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 2nd rd KO
strikes to the head over Rodel Sabrine Exposure Gym

4)Michael"BUHAWI"Duncan Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati won 1st rd KO Fighter
could not continue over Ramil Giganti Tat Kon Tou

5)JayAr"MATADOR" Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati 2nd rd KO Via Back Fist
Over Albert Sabrano Muay Thai Bicol

6)Carlo Juarez Yaw-Yan V.Luna winner 3rd rd Decision Over
Danilo"ALASAH"Tudtud Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati

7)Renante "Noble" Flash Franco Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Draw
with Myong Pabustan Yaw-Yan Belona

8)Rogelio "UPAW" San Yaw-Yan Pasay Draw
With Emmanuel "Animal" Sabrine Exposure Gym

9) Ricarto Dacuyan "Catoy" Yaw-Yan Pasay Winner 3rd round decision
over Ramon Gonzales of Kyokushinkai

10)Michael Versaga Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Winner 3rd round split
Over Jonathan Maximo Muaythai Bicol

11) Jojo"Kwago"Venta Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati Winner 3rd round
Over Romil "CLAW"Auxillo MuayThai Bicol

12) Greg Lorenzo Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan Baquio ist Round KO
Over Ryan Dizon Kyokushinkai

13) Jet "OKINJA" Corpuz Yaw-Yan ArDigma Makati 1st round KO
over Al Dela Trinidad Muaythai Bicol

14) James Dela Cruz Kyoushinkai Winner 2nd round ref stop match due
to dislocated shoulder over Jerry "Kicker" Valdez Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan

15) Louie"IGOROT" Mateo Yaw-Yan Ksatriyan Baquio Winner 1st round KO
over Joshua "Hurricane" Abella Tough guys

Look for the date of FC6 Coming Soon,If anyone is interested in
joining you can e-mail me at or stop by the Yaw-
Yan ArDigma Makati gym or call 870-4750..the Challenge is open to
all Gyms who would like to Join....

More Power
The Yaw-Yan Chef

Friday, July 14, 2006

FightCard: Yaw-Yan Ardigma Fighting Challenge 5

Come and watch the Fighting Challenge 5...
12 scheduled fights, plus more to come!!!
Hardcore knockouts, great matches, one awesome event!!!

Tickets are now on SALE at the Yaw-Yan Ardigma Makati Gym.!!!
Php100.00 ONLY!!!
Get your tickets early as the previous challenge tickets had all been sold-out!!!

For details, call (+632)870-4750.