PASAY GYM: 3rd Floor ADR Bldg., 246-A Taft Avenue, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
QUIAPO GYM: Room 404, 4th Floor, Garcia Bldg, Rizal Avenue, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines


Friday, September 25, 2009



We are starting the list already. We are doing this to have a centralized database of all yaw-yan members across the globe. There are many inquiries regarding gyms, members, instructors, and chapters on different areas/places worldwide.

This will help us to locate each other and eventually form a training group per region.

Please send and provide your contact information as follows:

Current Contact Information
Contact Address:
Contact Number:
Contact Email:

Historical Information
Originating Chapters:

*** you can post at the comments below to make it easier
*** or you can send an email to



Sinisimulan na po naten ang listahan. Ginagawa po natin ito para magkaroon tayo ng konkreto at tamang information ng lahat ng ating mga miyembro sa buong mundo. Kung inyong mapapansin, napakarami ang nagtatanong kung mayroon bang gym, member, instructors, at chapter sa iba't ibang lugar. Kahit ibang mga miyembro ay nagtatanong kung makakaensayo ba sila lalo kapag nasa ibang bansa na sila.

Ito ay makakatulong na magkakilala tayong lahat at mahanap natin ang ating mga kapatid saan mang sulok ng mundo. Makakatulong ito para tayo ay magkatipon tipon at kahit siguro ay makapagsimula ng isang training group sa bawat rehiyon.

Kung maari, ipadala ninyo ang inyong impormasyon kung saan kayo maari makontak, katulad nito:

Kasalukuyang Contact Information
Contact Address:
Contact Number:
Contact Email:

Historical Information
Originating Chapters:

*** maari kayo maglagay ng komento sa ilalim, para mas madali.
*** o kaya ay ipadala nyo sa

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yaw-Yan List of Masters and Instructors.

ATTN: All Yaw-Yan Members, Instructors, and Chapter Directors:

In our efforts of having a centralized and complete database list of ALL our MEMBERS, Organizational Leaders, Instructors, Masters, and Chapter/Gym Directors. This information will be made available to all our members in need of information regarding our current gyms, instructors, and group information within a specified area.

Please post your comments and contact us directly at for any information or corrections regarding this matter.

It is very important that we would have an OFFICIAL listing of all our key Yaw-Yan personnel. We hope to get your full cooperation regarding this matter.


SA LAHAT ng Miyembro ng Yaw-Yan, Instructors, at Directors ng bawat gym:

Tayo po ay nagnanais magkaroon ng isang kumpletong listahan at contact list ng lahat ng ating mga MEMBERS, mga Lider ng iba't ibang grupo ng Yaw-Yan, mga Instructors, mga Masters, at mga Director ng mga Chapter/Gyms. Ang impormasyong ito ay magiging bukas para sa lahat ng ating mga miyembro na nagnanais makahanap ng impormasyon tungkol sa ating mga gyms, sa mga available na instructors, at mga grupong nageensayo sa iba't ibang lugar.

Maari sana ay maglagay kayo ng inyong komento sa ibaba at sumulat kayo ng direkta sa para sa kung anu mang impormasyon o koreksyon tungkol sa bagay na ito.

Isang napakahalagang bagay na magkaroon tayo ng OFFICIAL na listahan ng mga taong maari nating makontak pagdating sa Yaw-Yan. Inaasahan po namin ang inyong pagsuporta at pagtulong sa layunin nating ito.

The Original Yao-Yan Family Tree

This post is originally from the Yaw-Yan Cebu Blog (

1969 ARJUKASA First Batch Members of Yao-Yan Karate
Master Boy Manahan, Master Bangkod, Grand Master Napoleon Fernandez (center), Master Orlando Fernandez, Master Rene Belen, Levy Egnacio, Master Armando Repato, Master Ernie Ortiga, and Master PeƱaflor.

1969 - Yao-Yan Karate Second Batch were Master Cinteno, Master Catalan, Master Lastimoso, Master Fajardo, Master Condes, and Master Roben Obligacion. The gymnasium was located in Pacific Mills Inc. Compound Balintawak Quezon, City

1970 - GM Nap Fernandez transfered to 4th Flr. of Garcia Bldg. Rizal Avenue (Avenida) in Santa Cruz, Manila and the gym was called Tiger's Claw Gym, the Art in Yao-Yan Karate Style. The Chief Instructor was Master Orlando "Bhoy" Fernandez and the Assistant Chief Instructor was Master Julio "Julius" Villaflores.

1971 - GM Nap Fernandez transfered to the 3rd Flr. of VPH Building Quezon Blvd. in Quiapo, Manila. The name of the gym was Dragon Palm Self-Defense Gym. The Chief Instructor of the gym was Master Julio "Julius" Villaflores, and his Assistant Chief Instructor was Master Ike Amata of Bacolod, City.

1972 - The letter O of Yao was changed into W, for Philippine identity (Yaw-Yan) the very own Philippine Martial Arts these was also the Birth of Yaw-Yanism, its spiritual teachings.

The History of Philippine Yaw-Yan Foot Boxing League (PYFBL)

This post is originally from the Yaw-Yan Cebu Blog (

It was year 1969 when the Yao-Yan Karate Association was originally founded by Master Napoleon A. Fernandez. His teaching of martial arts was centered on the mastery of Arnis, Judo, Karate and AIKIDO. Through his expertise, and together with Professor Julio E. Villaflores, Orlando (Boy) Fernandez, and Rene Belen his chief instructors, he was able to develop students who were not only physically alert but also mentally disciplined and worth to be called as disciples who can be a good citizen and a law-abiding individuals.

Master Napoleon A. Fernandez gathered his students at the Balintawak Pacific Miles, Quezon City as their training ground where ARJUKASA was known to be the gym name.

Among his successful students were Armando Refato, Boy Manahan, Levi Ignacio, Rene Belen, Ernie (The Sword) Ortega, Ruben Obugasion and many more who are now managing their respective schools of martial arts.

1970, ARJAKUSA was renamed into Philippines Yao-Yan Fighting Association, and the training venue was also transferred at Rizal Avenue (Avenida), Garcia Building in Santa Cruz, Manila. Eagle's Claw was the chosen name of the Gym.

Furthermore, year 1971 training area was again moved to BPH Building in Quiapo, Manila where the gym was recognized as Dragon Palm Gym. In this year, the association was able to organize set of officers in order to strengthen its objectives.

Before the martial law was declared on 1972, the letter O of Yao was changed to W, giving its full name from Yao-Yan to Yaw-Yan, patterned to Philippine setting, at the same time the proclamation of Philippine Yaw-Yan Foot Boxing League. Of course, Master Napoleon A. Fernandez, Professor Julio E. Villaflores and the two recognized chief instructors manned the said martial arts gym.

The operation of the Philippine Yaw-Yan Foot Boxing League from North Capital Region was expanded down to south in the Visayas and Mindanao. Professor Julio E. Villaflores was tasked to organize the virtue vested by Master Napoleon A. Fernandez, originator. It was on the year 1974 when the Hurricane Gym in Malbog Alegria, Cebu was publicly known. The rigid training of Foot Boxing techniques among the students were heartily shared by the founder of Philippine Yaw-Yan Foot Boxing League, then later was transfered to the queen city of the south, Cebu City.

At this moment, PYFBL has continue sharing his martial arts technique and develop more YAW-YAN members, gladiators, instructors, professors, masters and grand masters not only in the Philippine archipelago but also in other continents.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yaw-Yan Quiapo, OPENING October 1, 2009

Starting Oct 1, 2009, Yaw-Yan will be having a new branch - Quiapo.
Room 404, 4th Floor, Garcia Bldg,
Rizal Avenue, Santa Cruz, Manila
(near LRT Carriedo Station)

GM Nap Fernandez himself will facilitate this gym.

For more information, please contact:
Sir Saladin Dacuyan at 0908-283-8997 or call the Yaw-Yan Headquarters (Pasay) at (02) 491-6417.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hello from Vietnam

To my Yaw Yan brothers,

It has been a long time since I had contact with any of my fellow students in the old Pasay Gym in Libertad. I was just watching you tube videos of Yaw Yan and I notice Yasay in one of my videos. He is a grown up man now. Time really flies. I have been staying abroad for 17 years.

I am Jojo Felix, Yaw yan member since 1991. My instructor if I can remember it right was sir Arnold Sabejon. I also remember the legendary sir Emiliano Zapata, and sir Dacuyan. My last visit to Philippines was June 2008. I did not have the chance to visit the gym. I will probably come back December this year and wish to visit Yaw yan Pasay GYM. My house is actually walking distance because I live in Edang street. I have a 5 year old son and I am hoping that he can be a Yaw yan member once he reaches the right age.

I heard that Grand Master Nap Fernandez suffered a stroke? What is his condition now? How is he doing? This news made me really sad. Hopefully he is in a better condition as of now.

I hope to see fellow members soon in my next visit to the Philippines.



Ricardo S. Felix

Deputy General Director (DGD)

Cleverlearn English Laguage Center Vietnam,

Building 3-2C Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound,

Van Bao Street, Ba Dinh District

10000 Hanoi

Socialist Republic of Vietnam